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We thrive when we work with clients that share our values. We work with challenger brands that are looking to progress, innovate, push the boundaries and take things to deliver better


Kitchen Favourites

October 2023



Launch the new Kitchen Favourites campaign fronted by BBC’s Matt Tebbutt across social channels Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. Rework above-the-line creative to make it relevant for each social platform, to ensure cut through and engagement.  In addition work alongside Matt Tebbutt to maximise the exposure and reach through a series of paid partnership Instagram campaigns.

What we did.

This brief wasn’t as simple as having a 15 second edit shot vertically for social - we needed to bring the story of the Kitchen Favourites campaign to life. Using the raw footage we identified four key stories that could be at the heart of the social campaign. The four stories gave the social users something different and were drip-fed throughout the six week campaign period, in the lead up to the core Black Friday trading period. ​

To create a cohesive approach, we also created four hero stories for Matt Tebbutt to post on his social channels as part of the paid partnership element of this campaign. 

Finally, we aligned with relevant creators across TikTok and Instagram to create their own Kitchen Favourites using ProCook products to bolster the campaign further.


Delivered over 1 million organic impressions and a 3.27% engagement rate (including the most viewed piece of TikTok content on the ProCook relaunched TikTok channel). Social attributed conversions increased by 267% and revenue by 239% on the lead up to Black Friday (these results exclude the Black Friday trading weekend)


Bringing Barbie to Birmingham

July 2023

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 15.42.42.png


Bring to life the in-store activation of #BarbieatSelfridges to increase footfall and awareness of the branded partnership with one of 2023’s must-see films!

What we did.

We got creative and created a native style video which captured the in-store activity across Selfridges. The content focused on the amazing ‘Playtime’ Barbie dedicated areas in-store with the view to drive customers into the store to engage with the interactive elements. 

Alongside the in-store activation, we also highlighted the key Barbie products on sale and obviously the iconic Birmingham Bull being turned pink for the collab!


We delivered over 900k organic social views and contributed to a 6% increase in footfall to the Barbie Playtime activation over the film’s opening weekend.


Delivering Better PPC Performance

July 2023

Cavill & Co 1080x1080.jpg


Gemporia’s paid search activity had been delivering a consistently strong ROAS, however, there was an appetite to deliver more and as an Agency we could see that the opportunity for Gemporia to dominate across paid search was huge. The account needed to be restructured to ensure that it was maximising highest ticket items and categorise and become more fluid and flexible depending on seasonality.

What we did.

Through initial BETA testing, we could see that Performance Max was going to be a huge driver for Gemporia and sit at the centre of the account structure. To ensure that we could be agile from a budget perspective and bid efficiently on top performing campaigns and ad groups, we created product specific Performance Max campaigns based on top selling and high-ticket products categories (i.e gold and diamond). We overlaid this with traditional search campaigns, DSA and retargeting to ensure we were delivering a full funnel approach where audiences were most active.


The results have been better than ever imagined with 155% increase in conversions, 128% increase in revenue and 136% increase in ROAS YoY. All of this was delivered with a 3% reduction in spend


Re-strategised to Deliver Better

September 2022



Realign the ProCook social strategy to the wider business strategy and ensure it stands out from the competition. Assess where the ProCook customer is most active and which channels hold the biggest opportunity for ProCook to grow its social presence and make more impact.

What we did.

The ProCook social channels had become too cluttered and they were becoming saturated. They were posting on feed every day and not tailoring the content to suit each channel and its core user. 

We analysed the market across a range of primary, secondary and tertiary competitors to review ProCook’s position and where they could make the most impact. We then devised three core content pillars to ensure that all social content delivered one of the following key attributes: show awesome results, ease of use or passion for cooking. 

Alongside the three key pillars, we implemented a hero, hub and help approach to delivering content across the business and delivering against the business’ commercial objectives. 

Finally, we realigned the content to ensure the product was the primary focus to convey the excellent quality, value and expertise behind every ProCook product. The content strategy focused on a native video-first approach in order to gain wider reach and higher engagement levels.


From October - December the new strategic approach delivered 114% increase in reach, 554% increase in engagements and 162% increase in videos views compared to the previous period. We also saw a 168% increase in revenue directly attributed to organic social.

University College Birmingham.

Delivering Better for Birmingham Students


ppc 3.jpeg


University College Birmingham (UCB) briefed SHC to devise, run and optimise an integrated digital campaign for the new academic college intake. The campaign needed to reach prospecting students aged 15 – 16 and drive completed applications.

What we did.

As Google restricts targeting under 16s across the platform, we needed to create an integrated approach which targeted not only students but also their parents to allow us to leverage core conversion tactics across the Google network. .


The media plan focused on a full funnel approach and from a channel perspective, we focused parents’ activity to deliver across the Google, Meta and Spotify and student activity across Meta, TikTok, Snapchat and Spotify. As a workaround for targeting students across the Google Network, we used an education specific platform, Educate, which used mobile data to target under 16s with display and YouTube ads. 


To ensure that we were driving both students and parents down the application funnel, we ran cross-channel retargeting activity to capture engaged audiences from awareness-focused platforms such as TikTok and Spotify and retarget them with conversion tactics through the Meta network, where we saw students more in converting.


Overall the campaign delivered 4640 completed applications which is 23% uplift YoY against a target of 10% uplift. In total there were 1538 enrolled students against a target of 1300, which proves the campaign delivered a higher quality of applications year on year. Alongside these commercial figures, the TikTok creative was also selected by TikTok to be featured on the Creative best Practice platform as a top performing ad example.


Icelandic Elemental Living 

May 2022 



As an iconic Danish design brand, VOLA needed to establish a high presence on Pinterest where architects, interior designs and specifiers are active. VOLA briefed us on creating a hardworking business-as-usual strategy, with overlaid spikes of innovative campaigns. 

What we did.

We started by realigning the business-as-usual Pinterest activity to have an SEO approach of matching Boards, Pin titles and descriptions to users' search behaviours.


Once this was nailed, we then layered campaign activity, starting with a design and heritage-focused campaign, centred on Iceland.


The campaign ran across organic and paid activity using static and video creative formats to help build awareness of VOLA across key markets and drive quality traffic through the newly launched 'On Design' section of the website. 


The organic restructuring of the VOLA account led to a 57% increase in organic impressions and 76% increase in engaged users. 

The Iceland campaign not only exceeded all targets but it smashed Pinterest industry benchmarks by delivering a 140% more efficient CPM, 94% higher CTR and 80% lower CPCs.

Home Envy Guaranteed 

April 2022 



Deliver a brand campaign which positioned alongside established retailers such as Dunelm and Wayfair. Devise a creative campaign where appeared to be everywhere and that was fully trackable. 

What we did.

We identified the core audience as female aged 25 - 45 who are heavily active on Instagram and Pinterest. When delving deeper into their media habits, we noticed existing customers thrived from gaining gratification from sharing their purchasers with their social following;  this led us to create the 'Home Envy Guaranteed' creative hook. 

From a media planning perspective, we defined a paid media approach across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest. We ran brand uplift studies across Facebook and YouTube to track the brand recall and uplift to understand the true effect of the brand campaign. 


Overall brand uplift for during the campaign period increased by 815% and consideration for buying directly from increased by 3x. 

Buxton Crescent. 

The Water's Waiting 

June 2021



Buxton Crescent launched in September however due to the pandemic, had to close its doors again shortly after in November 2020. We therefore needed to devise a creative campaign to launch Buxton Crescent for the second time and drive bookings and revenue for the key summer period in 2021. 

What we did. 

Buxton Crescent sits at the heart of a natutal spa town and the building itself has been a spa since the Roman times. Playing homage to Buxton Crescent’s history we played on the notion that the world might have paused, but nature never stops and created ‘The Water's Waiting’ campaign.  

We amplified the creative concept through a well-crafted media plan which combined increasing overall awareness with direct response conversion activity. 


To launch the campaign we upweighted the media budget to the awareness phase and as the campaign progressed increased the weightage of budget behind the consideration and conversions phases to drive bookings and revenue.


The campaign exceeded targets and delivered a blended 4.5 ROAS. Buxton Crescent was fully booked during the 2021 summer period. 

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