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A round-up of brands taking a stand against Black Friday this year that you might not know about

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In the week when the press is taking a stand against Black Friday and many brands are boycotting the trend, are you curious to know if your favourite’s part of the non-participating crowd? Keep reading to find out.. 👀

Black Friday is the most anticipated shopping event of the year, and has been a key date in the diary for many retailers since 2010. Against a backdrop of questionable deals from some businesses, a growing number of brands are branching away from typical Black Friday sales and using the day to take a stand, make a difference, or connect with customers.

Here are some brands doing Black Friday a bit differently this year:

Other brands that could be named including:

🔎 Google

For the past two years, Google turned Black Friday into #BlackOwnedFriday and used its massive platform to highlight and support Black-owned businesses. It created a video and collection of dozens of products and directed site visitors to search for "black-owned shops near me" to support local businesses.


This year female-founded fashion brand RIXO have taken a stance against Black Friday and instead have promised customers ongoing value for money through their limited runs of clothing intended to be treasured for years to come.

And many more brands are doing good this Black Friday by taking the opportunity to draw attention to environmental issues, calling for a more mindful way of shopping, or allocating the extra money to support charities.

We believe Black Friday doesn’t have to be all about huge discounts. No matter how you mark the date, be sure it showcases your values and resonates with customers 🤝

This week, Black Friday deals have been scrutinised in the press as not being actually any better than normal deals.

Hence, it is worth having a look at the website Which? where you are provided with a guide to taking full advantage of the coming Black Friday and spending wisely this shopping season!

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