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Grab a first look at the new Instagram Creator Portfolio feature👀

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With the creator industry booming in recent years and showing no sign of stopping, the race for platforms to introduce more creator-friendly tools is on.

Instagram continues to push ahead with its plans to support creators on the platform by announcing its upcoming 'Creator Portfolio' option. 

Here's a first look at the new feature that aims to help influencers and creators better position themselves for brand partnerships and secure more marketing deals on the app:  

The new feature will enable creators to build what’s essentially a media kit type package, in order to showcase who they are, their audience reach, as well as previous brand work. Creators will then be able to share their profiles direct with potential partners in the app. 

This feature will also be useful for brands, giving them a quick overview and insight into the influencer they are looking to work with, cutting out a lot of the communication involved in influencer outreach and hopefully helping to better inform their influencer strategy. 

Instagram has said Creator Profiles will be rolled out to Instagram creators next month.

In addition to Creator Portfolios, Instagram’s also adding some new updates to Creator Marketplace, including a new messaging process to streamline brand/creator connection (brands will be able to message multiple creators at once via a partnerships inbox), and a new code process to better facilitate ad collaborations. 

Marketers and brands have a great opportunity to use this suite of features and develop more creative influencer partnerships to help them reach more followers, get more engagement and connect with new audiences.

If you are looking for creators to work with, make sure to register your interest using Instagram’s Creator Marketplace. This is a great tool to help you find the best creators to promote your brand with advanced search and recommendation features, including the ability to filter creators by gender, age, number of followers and interests. You can also send prioritised partnership messages that stand out from regular messages. Make sure you check it out here.

TikTok has launched a new education program for marketers called ‘TikTok Academy’, which provides free video courses on how to make best use of TikTok for marketing, along with research insights and other information to expand your understanding of the app. If you want to level up your TikTok marketing efforts, then it’s worth checking out the courses on offer, and getting your own course badges to display to your friends and clients. You can sign-up to begin your TikTok Academy education here.

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