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Pinterest shares "Moments on Pinterest" report to help marketers get ahead of trends 📈

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💻 ❌ Meta is shutting down its ‘Creator Studio’ Page Management App

Over 400 million people come to Pinterest each month to plan for the future, look forward to events and get ideas for personalised gifts. Moments, therefore, act as purchase catalysts on the app for brands and pinners, to whom Pinterest inspires calendar moments, life moments and everyday moments. For its “Moments on Pinterest” report, Pinterest analysed user insights, what they have been searching for on the app, and identified key dates in Q1 of 2023 and forecasted the top trends that are expected to emerge over the period.

Besides these key moments, it is worth noting that there are 5 dimensions of inspirations that play into the Pinner mindset: visually appealing, relevant, positive, original and actionable. Pinterest also emphasised that the earlier a Pinner begins to plan, the more they will plan throughout the year. So, remember to make a connection with your target audience at the right moment, because early adds up!

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