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Are you ready to embrace the Metaverse?

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Shoppers are ready to embrace the Metaverse…but are you?

The idea of the Metaverse has been bandied around for several years now, but as the promise of a fully-realised ‘other world’ draws closer, shoppers around the world are looking forward to the endless possibilities and enhancements it will bring to their shopping journey.

A recent survey by Meta of 30,000 shoppers found that they are interested in next-level experiences with brands; whether it’s exploring a product through immersive technology or cladding their avatars in stylish garms, shoppers expectations are growing - they want a greater sense of connection with the brands they engage with and are looking for new ways to be inspired.

As consumer behaviour, expectations and attitudes change and gear towards the more immersive shopping experiences of tomorrow, brands also need to get innovative and ready themselves for being able to reach and connect with their audiences in the Metaverse, as the opportunities could be huge as these stats suggest:

  • 42% of shoppers believe that the Metaverse will positively transform their shopping experience

  • 50% say that brands and retailers will need to have a presence on gaming platforms and other virtual worlds to be successful in the future

  • Over half say that virtual stores will offer a more convenient way to shop

  • 56% anticipate that a broader variety of specialised stores will be more easily accessible

So just how do you go about entering the realm of the Metaverse and building it into your brand proposition to successfully connect and engage with your customers? Here are just a few tactics to consider.

Get in touch if you'd like to discuss taking things to the next level...

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