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Brands can now bring their TikTok campaigns to out-of-home displays with TikTok’s Out-of-phone offer

TikTok is making bold strides beyond mobile screens with its latest unveiling: the Out of Phone (OOH) ad solution. This innovative offering empowers brands to integrate TikTok content into diverse offline settings such as billboards, kiosks, cinemas, and more.

According to TikTok, this is a personalised solution, custom-tailored for each partner, to ensure it resonates with audiences in specific physical locations. Furthermore, the Out of Phone system is kept up to date with relevant TikTok content.

Already, a lineup of key partners have embraced this unique solution. Companies like Adomni, Dive, GSTV, Loop TV, Raydiant, ReachTV, Redbox, Screenvision, and Vevo are at the forefront of this exciting venture. TikTok's move into the OOH space is a strategic expansion, positioning the platform beyond mobile screens and strengthening its advertising business.

The Out of Phone ad solution widens TikTok's reach to diverse locations, including billboards, kiosks, cinemas, bars, restaurants, automobiles, airports, gas stations, and retail stores. This strategic move is bolstered by TikTok's partnerships, including its collaboration with GSTV, a video network provider for fuel retailers, announced earlier this year.

CeraVe, a L’Oréal skincare brand, is one of the pioneering brands to extend its TikTok ad campaign to OOH screens through a partnership with Adomni. CeraVe's #CleanseLikeaDerm campaign, which included TikTok content and creator contributions, was showcased in Times Square this summer, setting the stage for more innovative advertising opportunities.

In the words of Dan Page, Global Head of Distribution, New Screens at TikTok, "With Out of Phone, we're taking TikTok beyond the palm of our hands and into everyday life". Brands can launch campaigns on TikTok, foster growth within the platform's communities and creator networks, and then extend their reach across various platforms, potentially reaching new audiences. Many brands are already embracing the potential of Out of Phone, thanks to TikTok's strategic partnerships with Redbox and Vevo.

The Out of Phone opportunities are multifaceted. There's "Out of Phone: Billboard," which leverages existing campaigns and amplifies them on billboards worldwide. "Out of Phone: Cinema" replicates the on-platform experience onto cinema screens, captivating viewers during pre-show moments with TikTok's top content that brands can feature in their advertisements.

This innovative step forward follows TikTok's previous advancements in the advertising realm, including functionality that enables ads to appear in user search results and new measurement capabilities for tracking campaign performance. Additionally, TikTok is testing an ad-free tier in response to evolving EU data privacy regulations, demonstrating its commitment to innovation in the advertising space.

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