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Delve into Google's new shopping features 🛍️

🛍️ Instagram rolls out Product Tagging API for Reels

🎥 YouTube adds Primetime Channels to bring streaming movies and TV into the YouTube app ️🎯 Snapchat Integrates with BigCommerce to facilitate more In-App Shopping options

Getting ready for the festive shopping season, Google has added some new ways that help you easily find deals and get the perfect gift - at the right price - across the web using Google Search. Here’s what you can expect from the update:  

🔖 New Coupon and Promotion Labels

In order to help speed up consumers’ shopping process, Google is launching a new promotion badge in Search, which will be displayed when coupon codes are active and valid for a specific item. Google notes that the goal of this new feature is to show users all of the information about current promotions and allow them to compare deals right in Search with no need to click through retailers’ websites. To make things even easier, shoppers can also now clip coupons. After clicking on the promo, the coupon code will save to your clipboard for easy access to paste into checkout.

📝 Price Insights Google has decided to bring this feature from its Shopping tab over to Search. It is said to be a welcome decision for people who don’t want to click over to another tab and would prefer to look for products directly through Search. Shoppers will also be able to compare how the price of the item they have their eye on stacks up at other retailers. On top of that, Google will start showing whether the list prices are low, average, or high for the item. This will help shoppers understand whether or not they’re getting a good deal, overpaying for a must-have gift, or can get something cheaper elsewhere.

🔎 Price Comparisons The side-by-side price match feature was also designed to make online shopping faster and more efficient. When looking for a good deal on something specific, it can get time-consuming going through website after website. Now, a quick Google Search will show offerings for your specific item – from different stores – offering an immediate price comparison. With the festive season upon us, Google has announced that the new features will be rolling out in full by the end of the month – right at the height of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Great timing by Google! It will be interesting to see how this pans out for both brands and consumers.

With the exponential rise of digitally based Creators, it is crucial to understand the scope of the Creator Economy. Meta has recently shared a new report written by researcher and professor Richard Florida, which revealed fascinating insights into the trends and opportunities presented by the Creator Economy.

Some highlights you can expect from the report are:

  • The Creator Economy is forecasted to reach over $100 billion.

  • Most creators are motivated by intrinsic rewards with a growing number of creators are social and political activists.

  • There is an immense opportunity to forge a "Creator Middle Class," which supports the idea that more creators who choose to can make a decent living.

You can read the full 'Rise of the Creator Economy' report here.

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