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Discover the best of ‘2023 Back-to-school’ marketing campaigns for your inspiration

As we find ourselves at the end of the summer break, it's time for marketers to shift gears and prepare for the back-to-school season in 2023. What does this busy shopping period where the ‘reset mindset’ kicks in hold for marketers this year? Let's take a closer look.

In the current landscape, competition is fiercer than ever. According to a recent survey conducted by Deloitte, the anticipated budget per child for back-to-school items is expected to decrease by 10%, dropping from £661 in 2022 to £597. This decline is attributed to what some are calling "spending fatigue." Many parents have already completed a significant portion of their back-to-school shopping in July, reducing the urgency for last-minute deals. Additionally, parents are expected to allocate less of their budget towards clothing and technology, shifting their focus towards essential school supplies. For brands specialising in non-essential products, the battle for the target market intensifies.

To navigate these shifting trends, numerous brands are revamping their back-to-school advertising campaigns. While themes centred around cost savings remain a reliable choice, many companies are unleashing their creativity with thought-provoking campaigns designed to capture a share of parents' discretionary spending.

Keep scrolling as, we highlight some of the back-to-school marketing campaigns that have already made their mark in 2023:

Staples Canada – Back to school, and the past

Staples takes a nostalgic trip back to the 90s with Howie Mandel, tapping into the current resurgence of 90s trends. By offering today's parents items at prices reminiscent of that era, the brand cleverly appeals to both modern kids and parents in one compelling campaign.

DoorDash – Don't go back

Recognising the lack of enthusiasm associated with returning to school, DoorDash humorously addresses the struggle parents face as they rush from store to store to gather everything their children need. DoorDash's Back-to-School hub promises parents a convenient solution, guaranteeing delivery in under an hour.

Amazon – Dormz

Amazon introduces viewers to Jess Judith, a well-known influencer who demonstrates how to furnish a college dorm room affordably by shopping on Amazon. What sets this campaign apart is the seamless integration of featured products into Jess's dedicated Amazon page, enabling viewers to shop her dorm room with a single click.

Instacart – You've got this, parents

Instacart addresses one of the most common challenges parents face—school lunch inspiration. The "You've Got This, Parents" campaign showcases the "Ask Instacart" feature, allowing parents to easily find and add the necessary ingredients for their desired meals to their online cart.

Bic South Africa – Together we can make the future write

‘Together we can make the future write’ goes beyond selling stationery; it focuses on a social justice mission. With the aim of providing school supplies to those in need, the campaign encourages parents to purchase an extra Bic pen for donation.

Bic seeks to reach a commendable goal of 15 million pen donations.

Honda UK – A day in the life of a busy mum

Honda partners with local influencer Brummy Mummy of 2, who takes the audience through her daily routine as a busy parent. Her endorsement of the Honda CR-V2 showcases how the right vehicle can make a significant difference in the lives of parents on the go.

Which of these back-to-school marketing campaigns do you think will steal the spotlight in 2023? Join the conversation on our socials and share your prediction with us!

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