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Google Ads Launches Performance Max For Travel Goals

Back in November 2021 Google officially launched its new campaign type to advertisers called ‘Performance Max’ following its initial introduction in October 2020. Read on to learn more about recent updates and the benefits Performance Max can have on your Google campaigns.

So, what is a Performance Max campaign?

In a nutshell, a Performance Max campaign is a goal driven campaign type that allows brands to advertise their products and services from one single campaign across a variety of different Google channels.

These channels include:

  • Youtube

  • Display

  • Search

  • Discover

  • Gmail

  • Maps

The Latest Update For Travel Goals

Since its launch in 2021 this campaign type has been regularly developed by Google, with recent introductions including Auction Insights, Extensions and now Ad Scheduling.

In early March 2023 Google announced that advertisers will now be able to use Performance Max specifically for travel goals. Building on the success of Performance Max, this is enhanced further for hotels. Just like the current Performance Max set up, Google will display ads across several channels (Maps, Search, Youtube etc), as well as Hotel Ads, which is coming later this year according to Google.

The Benefits

Google’s new Performance Max campaign for travel goals comes with a variety of benefits for travel advertisers.

New Guest Acquisition

The new campaign type will allow advertisers to diversify their approach towards new guest acquisition. Powered by AI, the campaign type helps to identify guests, and easily create campaigns under one simple set up. The new campaign for travel goals helps you create ads in multiple formats that will automatically serve across Google’s channels and inventory. Advertisers just need to pick their hotel properties from a map using Google’s hotel picker tool.

Property Level Reporting

Performance Max for travel goals gives advertisers access to more simplified reporting, and travel specific campaign recommendations. The campaign type can support up to 100 hotel properties, and pre-populate recommended images, messages and other creative assets for each location.

Drive More Bookings, Maximizing ROI

According to Google advertisers who use Performance Max achieve on average 18% more conversions at a similar cost per conversion. By showing your ads across multiple Google channels advertisers can reach more of their target audience than ever before, helping to drive more bookings.

Putting It To The Test

We tested a Performance Max for travel goals campaign vs. a standard Performance Max campaign for six weeks, and the results were impressive:


To conclude, Performance Max for travel goals is an AI powered tool that allows hotel advertisers to create ads in multiple formats, to reach guests across more channels than ever before. With a more simplified campaign process advertisers can expand their reach and drive more direct bookings. Furthermore, with access to more in depth property level reporting methods and recommendations, advertisers can also better understand their campaign’s performance, and increase their return. In our testing we have found positive results so far, so it’s definitely worth experimenting with this latest update for your next campaign.

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