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Highlights from Pinterest Presents 2023 to keep you staying ahead in the digital marketing world

Pinterest, always at the forefront of innovation, recently hosted its annual advertising summit, Pinterest Presents, unveiling a wealth of exciting updates and strategies.

Pinterest has always been synonymous with innovation, and this year’s summit left no stone unturned. From fresh ad formats to groundbreaking shopping tools, Pinterest is “on a mission to become the ultimate full-funnel advertising solution.”

Let’s take you on a tour of the most exciting product revelations.

New Ad formats uncovered

In this webinar, Pinterest has introduced two exciting ad formats - Showcase ads and Quiz ads, aiming to provide more engagement options in-stream. Picture Showcase ads are a window display showcasing multiple Pins, each with direct links to your website. It’s a virtual shopping spree designed for the discerning Pinterest user.

Quiz ads, meanwhile, are your ticket to interactive storytelling. As per Pinterest “Brands can include up to three questions per quiz to create an entertaining experience for people to engage with and show consumers more personalised ideas, helping them to move deeper into decisions and toward a valuable purchase.”

Premiere Spotlight shines brighter

Remember Premiere Spotlight? Initially launched back in March, Premiere Spotlight has enabled brands to essentially ‘own’ the Search page in the app, by giving them prominent, top-of-feed placement. And now, Pinterest has brought this high-impact video format to the home feed as well - which means you can maximise visibility for your brand's standout moments right on the Pinterest home feed.

As you can see in the example above, the new home feed Showcase ads will appear as large tiles within the feed, making them stand out and grab attention. It’s a premium ad option, with a premium price, but it could be worth considering for big brands launching new products aligned with the Pinterest audience.

Simplified Shopping

Pinterest streamlines the shopping journey with mobile deep links and direct links. No more detours between discovery and checkout. Mobile deep links are driving a whopping 235% lift in conversion rates and a 35% reduction in cost per acquisition.

According to Pinterest, mobile deep links direct users to a specific page in a retailer’s mobile app, making it easier to shop for products after clicking on a shopping ad. Direct links, take people from a Pinterest ad to a retailer’s website with just one click, reducing the steps it takes for users to go from discovering a product to checkout.

E-commerce Embrace

Pinterest's e-commerce integration ecosystem now extends to Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Adobe Commerce. This update was built with the aim to make it easier for brands to manage their shoppable Pins and display types in the app.

Creative Studio and Agency Accelerator

For the artists in the room, Creative Studio is your new best friend! It's a tool designed to whisk you away into the world of lifestyle imagery for product Pins. According to Pinterest, Creative Studio will be available for testing with select US advertisers later this year.

Pinterest is also developing a new Business Manager platform for agencies, while it’s also working on improvements to its broader ad targeting systems, in order to improve ad performance.

Overall, these developments truly pique our curiosity, particularly when considering the app's staggering 465 million users, each brimming with shopping intentions. Taking a closer look at these latest Pin innovations and pondering how they might seamlessly merge with your digital marketing strategy is unquestionably a valuable endeavor.

But remember, what we've explored here is just a glimpse into the world of Pinterest Presents. For the complete immersive experience, complete with enlightening videos and exclusive behind-the-scenes insights, venture over to Pinterest's video hub.

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