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How is the Barbie Movie taking the digital world by storm?

Barbie is everywhere, and we're loving it! From social media to news outlets, the Barbie movie has taken centre stage, and boy, are they slaying the marketing game! Let's dive into the genius moves that have captivated audiences and brought Barbie's magic to life in a whole new way.

Embracing Diversity 🌍

The Barbie movie's marketing features a diverse range of characters, celebrating different ethnicities, backgrounds, and body types in their ads which is reflective of the cast itself. Having diverse marketing means they can maximise relevancy and appeal to a wider spectrum of fans.

Influencer Power 💫

We know the power of influencers in the digital realm, and Barbie's marketing team nailed it! They teamed up with a broad range of popular influencers, from internet mega-stars to reality TV icons, inviting them to the film premieres and pop-up events. By connecting authentically via the influencers’ audience, the Barbie movie earned a massive boost in reach and created a connection that felt like hanging out with friends!

Epic Brand Partnerships 🎁

Nobody can resist an ‘exclusive’! Barbie's marketing geniuses joined forces with top-notch toy retailers and fashion and beauty brands to create limited-edition Barbie edits of everything from jewellery to makeup. This made the movie experience tangible and unforgettable!

The Power of Pink 💕

The Barbie movie has a heritage dating back to the 1950’s when Barbie was first invented, so having a well-established global brand to build on helps of course, but it’s the pink essence of ‘brand Barbie’ that has arguably helped propel the movie release to the top of everyone’s timelines. You might have noticed this week that if it’s not pink, you’re not seeing it in your feeds. By having one single identifiable colour that’s become synonymous with the film, it has opened up the opportunity for reactive content and everyone and their dog has jumped on the trend, which only adds to the buzz! Some people even joked that the moon turning pink recently was part of the Barbie takeover!

Know Your Niches 💻

A genius way the Barbie marketing team has created a viral buzz around the press tour for the Barbie movie is by knowing the power of niche audiences and giving the people what they want! For every stop on the tour, frontwoman Margot Robbie has been sporting different outfits inspired by famous Barbie looks from the last six decades. Every time she stepped out in a new outfit, the fashion detective forums and TikTok community would race to make the connections between the historic looks and her updated take on them, again creating online buzz and excitement for the release.

AI Awesomeness 🤳

Let’s not forget that the Barbie movie nailed their digital debut in the most magical way with the Barbie Selfie Generator!

Fans got a chance to be their own Barbie, starring in their personalised movie poster. The memes spread like wildfire, making everyone even more eager for the movie!

C’on Barbie, let’s go Marketing Team! 🌈

The Barbie movie's marketing team knows how to have fun, engage fans, and spread the Barbie love across the digital universe! From AI adventures to global connections, they've created an unforgettable experience for audiences worldwide.

Are you as excited as we are? Stay tuned for more Barbie magic, and let's celebrate the joy of storytelling and marketing brilliance!

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