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Instagram is updating Reels with more TikTok-like features ⏫

Instagram has announced a slew of new features for its TikTok competitor Reels, including a new way to edit videos and find trending content…

The biggest change is within the video editing process. Instagram is launching a new update for its Reels feature that merges its creative tool into video composer screen, which is believed to make it easier for users to create more standout Reels clips.

The new editing flow for Reels will incorporate video, stickers, text, and audio track editing, all on one screen. This move enables users to align and time elements to their reel to the right moments in a more visual way. You can probably recognise this editing screen looks quite similar to TikTok’s separate video editing app, CapCut, which is becoming increasingly popular on its own.

Additionally, the latest update to Instagram’s Professional Dashboard is set to include ‘Reels Trends’, which will provide users with valuable insights into the most popular audio and hashtag trends, as well as usage insights.

This feature is very similar to TikTok’s Creative Center tools, which offer similar insights across all of the elements in TikTok’s trending clips, although TikTok’s version is more advanced and allows users to narrow down their results by region, along with providing more trend insights. While Reels Trends may not be as comprehensive as TikTok’s tool, it is still a good addition to the Reels research, as it provides Reels-specific insights and information that can help users stay ahead of the curve and better inform their creative process.

As you can see in these images, through ‘Reels Trends’, which will be available in your Professional Dashboard, you’ll be able to see what audio is driving the most interest at any given time, along with hashtag trends and usage insights.

Instagram’s also adding new notifications which alert you when someone follows your account based on your Reels content specifically.

Finally, Instagram added a new feature to its virtual gifts element, which will show you which of your fans have sent you gifts, so you can better recognize your top supporters.

With these updates, Instagram is likely hoping to stay ahead of the competition and attract more users to Reels, especially since TikTok remains a popular and growing platform. And if TikTok does eventually get banned, these functionalities may become even more crucial for creators to maintain their presence on social media and reach their audience.

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