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Introducing Pinterest's New Premiere Spotlight Ad Unit: A Game-Changer for Brands

Pinterest is launching a new ‘Premiere Spotlight’ ad unit, which would place a brands’ promotion in the prominent, top-of-screen real estate on the app’s search page.

Earlier this year, during the alpha test of Pinterest Premiere Spotlight, Kohl's became the first partner to try out this new ad unit. As shown in the image above, Kohl's has secured premium placement on the search screen. This strategic move is expected to significantly boost the brand's exposure, enabling them to reach Pinners actively seeking out products within the app.

Premiere Spotlight offers advertisers an exceptional advantage, providing exclusive access to 50% of the search screen on mobile devices for an entire day. These captivating ad units feature engaging video promotions seamlessly integrated into the user's stream. By tapping the 'Visit Site' call-to-action (CTA) within the ad, users are seamlessly directed to the brand's website, which opens within the Pinterest app. This unique feature allows advertisers to drive direct responses from their promotions and effectively connect with potential customers.

Undoubtedly, this attention-grabbing and up-front ad option will be highly sought-after by prominent advertisers on the platform. Given the premium nature of this offering and the costs associated with the Premiere Spotlight ad unit recently released by Pinterest, we can see that it is less accessible for smaller brands, making it a more viable choice for established industry players.

Similar to other social media platforms, video content has become a crucial component of the Pinterest experience. Pinterest has placed particular emphasis on their Idea Pins, driving greater adoption and engagement. As a result, the overall availability of video content on the platform has surged by an impressive 30% year over year.

Given this trend, it's only logical for Pinterest to leverage the power of video where possible. The introduction of the new Premiere Spotlight ad units is set to revolutionise brand visibility on the platform. These ad units will undoubtedly captivate users' attention and align seamlessly with evolving user behaviours.

Overall, Premiere Spotlight is a powerful advertising tool that allows brands to tap into Pinterest's vast user base and deliver personalised experiences for optimal results. By combining Premiere Spotlight campaigns with supplemental keyword/interest campaigns, brands can strategically target users in a discovery mindset, driving engagement and conversions to new heights.

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