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Meta unveils future developments and exciting enhancements for Threads

Meta's Twitter clone, Threads, has garnered an impressive 106 million members, marking a significant milestone for the platform. As user behaviours normalise and usage becomes a more reliable indicator, Meta is focused on fine-tuning the app and introducing crucial updates.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has shared some hidden gems in Threads and shed light on the early development priorities for the new platform, outlining the following key points of focus:

Following Feed

Initially missing from Threads, a feed dedicated solely to posts from chosen profiles is in the works. This improvement will offer users a more personalised experience, similar to Twitter's 'For you' versus 'Following' feed. Mosseri assures that these updates will roll out soon, enhancing user engagement.

Edit Button

Threads will address the long-debated topic of an edit button. Unlike Twitter's reluctance, Meta aims to enable full post-editing functionality in Threads, aligning it with their approach in other apps. This feature will provide users with more flexibility without compromising the integrity of their content.

Post Search

Presently limited to user search, Threads will introduce broader search capabilities, enhancing utility and discovery. This update will empower users to connect with relevant conversations and explore trending topics within the app.

Desktop App

Although specific details are yet to be disclosed, Meta recognises the significance of a fully-functional desktop version of Threads. The addition of a desktop app, coupled with post-scheduling functionality, will greatly benefit social media managers and streamline their workflow.

Furthermore, Meta's commitment to adhering to European regulations has temporarily delayed Threads' availability in the EU. The company is actively working to ensure full compliance with GDPR requirements before launching in European markets.

Regarding account management, Mosseri clarifies that users can deactivate their Threads account without deleting their Instagram profile. This distinction offers flexibility and allows users to tailor their online presence while still maintaining their Instagram account.

As Threads continues to evolve, the Threads team is diligently working on additional features, including hashtags, multiple accounts, like list, and photo/video tagging. Meta is also incorporating Branded Content tags, government-affiliated account labels, and fact-check markers to meet its app specifications.

With ongoing enhancements and exciting updates on the horizon, Threads is poised to redefine social media engagement. The platform's growing user base, combined with its unique positioning in conjunction with Instagram, holds great potential for its future success.

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