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Nail your Reels🔥

🔎 TikTok’s Dominance is Now Expanding into News and Search

👀 Meta Launches Updated Facebook Feed Format inspired by TikTok 🛍 YouTube Expands Test of Product Tagging in Uploads

Whether we like it or not, Reels are here to stay. Reels are a huge focus for both Instagram and Facebook and are the fastest growing content format in both. 

Creating Reels for your brand or business can be one of the best ways to boost reach and engagement as well as increase your followers. Reels are also a great way to showcase your brand's personality and connect with your audience. 

To help you absolutely nail your Reels, we've put together our top 5 tips👇

1. Hop on trends quickly

Keep up-to-date with what's trending on Reels. Whether it’s a sound, challenge, meme, filter, design aesthetic, or transition – acting quickly when creating Instagram Reels is the key to success and will benefit your reach and engagement. Instagram recently rolled out its “Template” feature for Reels, which makes it easier to create Reels, so make sure to utilise this feature to hop on trends quickly. With all that being said, it's vital to make sure your Reels align with your brand and your audience so only pick trends that you think will resonate with your audience and don't try to force the content.

2. Use a strong audio

Sounds are very important to your Reels and can make or break your video. Consider the sound you use carefully. Make sure to choose a sound that enhances your videos. This could be a trending track, a sound clip that’s become viral, or ASMR can work nicely.

3. Use hashtags in your caption

Don't neglect the hashtags! Adding at least three relevant hashtags to your Reels caption will help Instagram to serve your content to relevant audiences and boost your reach. 

4. Experiment with Reel features

Reels come built-in with extra features such as stickers, text, and special effects. If relevant and useful for your brand, make use of these special features in your Reels content. Polls are a good way to encourage engagement.

5. Shoot vertically

Shoot your reel in portrait mode i.e. vertically. Reels are more effective when they look native (content created specifically for Reels). Instagram has recently announced that all video uploads (up to 15 minutes) will now be merged into the Reels feed, so now more than ever, it's important to try and shoot your videos vertically as they will make more of an impact if they take up the full-screen.

If you need some pointers on how to create Reels, Instagram has published a new guide, which covers all the basics to help get you started with your own Reels approach. You can check out Instagram’s Reels starter guide here.

TikTok has published a new guide detailing everything retail and e-commerce brands need to know to build a successful TikTok advertising strategy. Complete with inspiration from brands thriving on the platform, tips on how to create for the platform and so much more. It's definitely worth a read.

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