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Our Top Social Campaigns of 2023 – Inspiration for your next success

The first six months of 2023 have been a whirlwind of change and innovation, and the marketing world is no exception. With so many new campaigns launched, it can be hard to keep track of what's working and what's not. But if you're looking for inspiration for your own marketing campaigns, here are five of the most successful marketing campaigns of 2023 we’re loving:

Cadbury – Cadbury Worldwide Hide 🍫

Cadbury teamed up with Google Street Maps to launch a new Easter egg hunt campaign called "Cadbury Worldwide Hide." Now in its third year, the chocolate brand once again allows people to hide digital purple eggs worldwide and share the locations using Google Maps. In a charitable twist, Cadbury collaborated with the Trussell Trust and generously donated 75,000 Easter chocolates to over 200 branches.

Cadbury Worldwide Hide’ serves as an excellent example of supporting charities while engaging customers in a fun and interactive manner, highlighting their dedication to causes and community. Cadbury Worldwide Hide's remarkable success can be attributed to its creativity, innovation, and ability to cultivate brand loyalty, solidifying its significance in Cadbury's Easter marketing strategy.

McDonald – Raise Your Arches 🍟

McDonald's launched a new campaign in January 2023 called "Raise Your Arches." The campaign was designed to tap into the feeling of excitement and anticipation that people get when they think about McDonald's food. The campaign featured a series of TV ads and social media posts that showed people from all walks of life raising their arches in anticipation of a McDonald's meal. “Raise Your Arches” witnessed tremendous success with over 608K views on YouTube, nearly 5 million views on TikTok and 1,000 posts on Instagram (Marketing Beat, 2023).

Heinz and Absolut Vodka 🍅

In February, Heinz collaborated with Absolut Vodka to launch a new campaign called "Heinz Absolutely". The campaign went live in mid-March with out-of-home ads across London followed by a social media campaign featuring the hashtag #AbsolutelyHeinz. #AbsolutelyHeinz has been amplified through social media calling on creators to get involved in the iconic collaboration, particularly on Instagram and TikTok.

#AbsolutelyHeinz campaign achieved tremendous success, generating over 6.2 million views on TikTok (Dyzio, 2023), and engaging with micro and macro-influencers such as @Kristinacooksit and @johngs. This partnership effectively amplified the campaign's impact, especially within the culinary community. The use of micro and macro-creators proved to be a powerful tool in maximizing the campaign's reach and engagement.

Dove – Cost of Beauty: A Dove Film 💇‍♀️

Dove's 2023 campaign, titled 'Cost of Beauty,' aims to shed light on the negative impact of social media on mental health. The campaign includes a powerful three-minute film that tells the story of Mary, a young woman who developed an eating disorder due to toxic beauty content on social media. By partnering with NGOs and addressing the rise in youth mental health issues linked to social media, Dove is committed to making a positive change and creating a safer online environment for young people.

The campaign was a huge success, with over 5 million views on YouTube and 20,000 shares on LinkedIn (Muse by Clio, 2023) in just 2 weeks, with people sharing their personal stories related to the topic.

Uber Eats – IFTAR Incoming 🍴

Uber Eats' Ramadan campaign celebrates Iftar, the meal when Muslims break their fast at sunset, by showcasing signature dishes and providing date and city-specific Iftar times for convenient deliveries. The dynamic digital out-of-home advertising updates daily with sunset timings, ensuring the campaign remains relevant throughout Ramadan. This thoughtful approach demonstrates Uber Eats' commitment to inclusivity and customer satisfaction, catering to the needs of their Muslim customers during this significant religious period.

Overall, these are just a few of the many successful marketing campaigns that have been launched in the UK in the past six months. If you're looking to launch a successful marketing campaign, take inspiration from these campaigns and put your own spin on them.

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