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Pinterest launches ‘Pinterest Academy’ to help advertisers master the platform 👨‍🏫

This week, Pinterest has launched its refreshed Pinterest Academy learning resource, which includes a range of courses and insights designed to help you become a Pin marketing expert.

Originally launched in 2019, Pinterest has refreshed its education courses with all-new elements, including a bigger focus on video (via Idea Pins) and all-new visual elements.

There are also now twice as many courses (14 courses, 30 lessons) with richer examples and engaging visuals, as well as a fresh curriculum and enhanced content. Pinterest believes this relaunch will provide more opportunities for everyone to polish up on their Pinterest skills. These courses cover everything you need to run standout campaigns on the platform, giving you best-in-class Pinterest skills and a competitive edge.

Besides foundational knowledge, like Pinterest ad formats or on-platform measurement tools, Pinterest Academy also offers you the opportunity to dig deeper into specialty subjects such as Pinterest Trends, which is a key companion to an effective Pin strategy. If you’re going to Pin, you definitely need to understand how it works.

All Pinterest courses feature learning checks and quizzes to make sure you’re grasping the information. New achievement badges are also added. Once you achieve an 80% pass rate in a specific path, you will get a digital badge that you can share on platforms like LinkedIn or send directly to your network to show off your expertise on completion of each element.

It could be a good way to get into Pin marketing, and get a better handle on the platform. With 450 million users, many of which come to the platform with shopping intent, it may well be worth digging deeper into Pinterest, and considering its potential for your brand.

Pinterest Academy courses are now available globally, in English, with French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish variations coming later this year.

👨‍🏫 You can enrol in Pinterest Academy here.

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