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The evolution of AI in content creation continues - TikTok launches new AI tool ‘Script Generator'

This week, TikTok has launched ‘Script Generator’, an innovative feature housed within their Creative Center, which aims to inspire and help creators captivate video concepts based on certain prompts, preferences and parameters.

To generate video scripts, you simply input your industry vertical, product name, item description and relevant keywords. Next, choose your desired video length (15-30 seconds or 31-60 seconds) and hit 'Generate scripts'.

The system will then generate a selection of sample video scripts for you to explore, complete with hooks, scenes and compelling calls to action, complete with audio and visual cues.

While the Script Generator can be a valuable resource for brainstorming TikTok content ideas, TikTok emphasises that the accuracy, compliancy and suitability of AI-generated content is not guaranteed and have caveated that it's crucial to ‘exercise judgement in utilising and publishing content created using the Script Generator.’

How does it work?

TikTok's Script Generator AI system is developed in partnership with a third-party provider, leveraging data from top-performing TikTok videos to offer more native and engaging scripts for your content. However, it's important to be mindful that relying solely on AI recommendations may lead to generic content that lacks originality and uniqueness. As marketers, it's essential to strike a balance between leveraging AI tools and injecting creativity to make your ads truly stand out.

Which leads to the ongoing question - is AI really a useful tool in aiding creativity or is it cheating? And if we still have to exercise caution and review & filter its output, is there any real benefit?

Try for yourself and see what you think!

The Script Generator tool is absolutely free to use, providing you with a risk-free opportunity to explore its potential for your TikTok marketing efforts, and is now available globally. If you’re looking to give it a go, simply log into TikTok for Business and head over to their Creative Center tools.

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