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The Weekly: 24 June 2022

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Top Social Stats:

  • 80% of weekly pinners say that they have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest (Social Champ)

  • 61% of consumers trust the product recommendations they get from influencers (The Social Shepherd)

  • 63% of online shoppers start their product search by going to Amazon (Startup Bonsai)

This Week's News

New Meta Monetisation Options

Meta is adding new creator monetisation options as it looks to build the next platform for creative expression and engagement.

Firstly, Meta is testing a new Creator Marketplace on Instagram, where creators will be discoverable for potential partnership opportunities.

The new Creator Marketplace will enable creators to list their interests and the types of content that they want to work on for brands to easily discover them to work with on campaigns. This is essentially the same tool as Brand Collabs Manager, however, this new platform is more Instagram-specific.

Meta is also expanding its ‘Reels Play Bonus’ programme to creators on Facebook, which will enable creators to cross-post their Instagram Reels and monetise them through both apps.

As well as this, Facebook Stars, a donation process for creators, will also be expanded ‘so that more people can start earning from their Reels, live, or VOD videos’. Meta has begun expanding Stars out to Reels, opening up more opportunities for creators to earn through the platform. Along these same lines, Meta is also adding ‘interoperable subscriptions’, which will allow creators to give subscribers from other platforms access to subscriber-only Facebook groups.

Finally, Meta has made some initial moves to launching NFTs on the platform, allowing users to display their NFTs on the main IG feed, within Stories, or in Direct Message with a hexagon tick indicator highlighting NFT images posted within your main post feed.

Some great additions from Meta here all looking to make the platform more attractive for creators, and with platforms such as TikTok now proving difficult competition to keep up with, it’s clear that Meta is feeling the pressure and is keeping creators at its heart to help fuel its Metaverse vision.

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Snapchat+ Subscription

Snapchat is exploring a new potential monetisation pathway in the form of a new subscription service called ‘Snapchat+’.

Snapchat + would give users access to a new range of exclusive experimental app features and tools and comes with four subscription tiers below

Currently, the subscription will offer:

  • Access to exclusive Snapchat icons

  • A new profile badge to show that you’re a Snapchat+ user

  • New data insights, including the capacity to see your friends’ location history (over the last 24 hours) and info on who’s rewatched your Story

  • The capacity to pin a user in the app as ‘your #1 best friend’

Snapchat commented on the addition saying:

“We’re doing early internal testing of Snapchat+, a new subscription service for Snapchatters. We’re excited about the potential to share exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features with our subscribers, and learn more about how we can best serve our community.”

An interesting addition from Snapchat, which highlights some potential revenue issues for the company. Although the subscription doesn’t really offer much to its users, it will be interesting to see how this goes down with its customers and whether the platform will look to broaden out its current offering.

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TikTok View History

TikTok is testing a new feature that will allow users to see which of their followers have viewed their videos.

The new feature is currently part of a limited test with selected users and not widely available as yet.

The feature was first spotted by Matt Navarra and appears that TikTok is referring to the feature as ‘post view history’.

The feature can be turned off at any time within the Settings menu and will only be available for seven days from the date that the video was posted.

A spokesperson from TikTok commented on the feature saying, “We’re always thinking about new ways to bring value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience”.

This comes along with the new ‘Profile View History’ option recently rolled out on the platform, which lets users see who has viewed their TikTok profile within the last 30 days.

It’s unknown currently when TikTok plans to roll out its ‘post view history’ option as of yet and is likely to be met with mixed reviews, with some users keen to keep track of people viewing their content and others wanting to keep their viewing history private.

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Twitter Notes

Twitter is launching a new ‘Notes’ feature that will support the direct publishing of long-form content on the platform.

Within Notes, users will be able to create articles using rich formatted and uploaded media, which can then be tweeted and shared with followers upon publishing.

Notes are currently being tested with select users ahead of a full rollout and if rolled out, would potentially change how people use the platform to share longer-form and thought-out content.

Like Tweets, the Notes would have their own link and could be tweeted, retweeted, sent in DM’s, liked, and bookmarked.

An interesting addition from Twitter here, which essentially flips the platform’s short-form nature on its head! But it will definitely be a good feature for those thought leaders on the platform who can share more detailed and formatted content.

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Food for Thought

Time for some brand development!

Meta has recently published a new report which highlights some of the key trends in online shopping and examines the role of brand loyalty in the consumer process.

According to the report, shoppers were more likely to try different brands throughout lockdown which has opened up a range of new opportunities for brand exposure, but also highlights that businesses now need to work even harder to establish a connection with their customers and build brand trust in order to retain them.

The report also shows how consumer priorities are changing and how brands need to adapt to this – with what a brand stands for now playing a much more important factor in consumer decision-making – definitely worth a read!

Campaign of the Week

Burger King has transformed its iconic Whopper into a million-pound lottery ticket as part of its new “Whopper’ campaign.

Customers can now order a custom Whopper through the MyBK app, which will be saved in the app. Burger King will then draw a random Whopper combination and if the combo matches yours, you could win one million Euros!

Head of Brand at Burger King Deutschland, Danny Wilming, said: “Be your way stands for individuality and diversity and means for us that at Burger King everyone can be who they are. With the Whoppery competition, this even pays off handsomely for our fans: When do you ever have the chance to win up to one million Euros with your favourite Whopper? Individuality really does pay off at Burger King.”

As always, a brilliant idea from Burger King that really reinforces their message of individuality!

Have a great weekend everyone! SHC Digital

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