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The Weekly: 17 June 2020

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Top Social Stats:

  • TikTok has the second-highest consumer spend figure for mobile apps after Tinder (Blogging Wizard)

  • 60% of Gen Z Says that YouTube is their preferred platform (EarthWeb)

  • Influencer-generated content has been found to receive on average 8x more engagement than branded content (MediaKix)

This Week's News

LinkedIn Product Showcase

LinkedIn is adding a new product showcase element to user profiles, which will allow users to highlight specific products and projects that they’ve worked on within different roles.

Users will soon be able to add the products that they’ve worked on as a sub-element within experience listings.

The feature can be accessed when you go to edit your details in the ‘Experience’ section and will allow you to add products that you have contributed to during your time within an organisation, which will link back to the corresponding Product Page on your company profile.

This means that to add a product to your experience, you will first need to have it listed on your company page.

Product Pages were launched back in 2020, for company pages, as a way to help businesses showcase their product offerings, and highlight key features. This new feature is essentially an extension of this and will allow you to do the same thing but on your own personal profile, giving you more ways to show your expertise and build a portfolio within the platform.

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Facebook Feed Restructure

Facebook is planning to turn its main feed into a ‘discovery engine’ for video content.

According to a recent internal memo sent to employees, written by Tom Alison, head of Facebook,the platform will soon be updated to focus on video content, such as Reels and stories.

The memo was first sent out to all employees on the 27th April, meaning that Meta is already a month and a half into executing these ‘near-term’ plans and that we may start to see these changes roll out sooner rather than later.

According to the memo the company wants to turn Facebook into “a place where people can go and get recommendations for content they’re likely to enjoy”.

The near-term priorities are as follows:

  • Make Reels successful.

  • Build world-class recommendations technology.

  • Unlock messaging-based sharing.

We already know that video is king and it’s no surprise that Meta is giving Facebook a facelift to factor this in, especially with the recent updates to the Instagram algorithm giving a big push on Reels content. It’s unknown when we will start to see these changes on the platform but these are likely to be in the very near future.

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Twitter Product Drops

This week, TikTok launched beta testing for ads in search results, which provides another way to reach the TikTok audience via the search terms that they use.

Once the initial merchant tweet has been clicked on, you’ll be taken through to the Product Details Page – a full-screen space where you can see all the information you need to make on the product before signing up to the drop. This includes the price, pictures, a description of the product, and a clickable hashtag that will show you what other shoppers on Twitter are saying about the product.

Then, on launch day, you’ll get an in-app notification in your Notifications tab 15 minutes before and at the time of the drop, so you can be among the first to shop on the merchant’s website and (hopefully) beat out other shoppers!

When you click on the notification within your Notifications Tab, you’ll see a “Shop on website” button to purchase the item on the merchant’s website.

A really great addition here, which effectively builds anticipation of your product launch and allows retailers to see the hype around their new product launch with the number of people signed up for the drop.

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LinkedIn Business Manager

LinkedIn has created a new Business Manager platform, providing a central dashboard for users to manage people, accounts, and pages.

LinkedIn Business Manager provides a simplified management platform for all your LinkedIn business activity and includes dedicated tabs for managing People, Partners, Ad Accounts, Company Pages, and Matched Audiences.

Within this, users will be able to share audiences across ad accounts, and once updated in one ad account the audience will automatically update across all.

Food for Thought

Are you ready for a cookieless world?!

As we prepare to move into a cookieless world, commerce agency, Pinpoint Designs has been looking into exactly how this will affect eCommerce websites and shared their top tips in this handy infographic!

Online merchants will now have to lean heavily on first-party data to create personalised experiences for their customers, however, Pinpoint detail that we should look at this as an opportunity to rethink how we drive acquisition and give some helpful ideas of ways that we can prepare for this transition – definitely worth a read!

Campaign of the Week

This week, we’re loving McDonalds’ new ‘Happy Moments’ campaign, which showcases the lengths that parents will go to to bond with their children ahead of Father’s Day.

The campaign is made up of a range of beautiful visuals, which “pay special tribute to devoted dads in the lead up to Father’s Day“. We particularly love how the branding is so minimal within the creative yet it’s instantly recognisable as a McDonald’s campaign, as well as the simple and emotive execution, which creates an almost nostalgic feeling.

Now, time to enjoy the sun! Have a great weekend everyone SHC Digital

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