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TikTok announces "Year on TikTok" report on top clips, creators and trends in the app for 2022

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TikTok has seen a meteoric rise that has put major social media platforms such as Facebook as well as video content hubs like YouTube in peril. While many of TikTok’s better established competitors have adopted some of its features, TikTok continues to grow and hold its own in the face of alternative platforms.

As the year draws to a close, TikTok have just put out the 2022 version of its Year on TikTok report, which provides an overview of all the creators, moments and trends that resonated the most in the app throughout the past 12 months.

​​​​TikTok’s Year in Review 2022 for UK is separated into nine categories, including FYFaves, TikTok Taught Me, The Playlist, Only on TikTok, Breakthrough Stars, The Hitmakers, BritTok, Eats on Repeat, and Loved by TikTok.

Within the report, TikTok also revealed a full list of top performing videos on the platform across the year. Surprisingly, quite a few celebrity clips were listed in there, which underlines the rising cultural influence of the app, particularly for musicians, who are now increasingly leaning on TikTok for promotion and awareness.

“Jiggle Jiggle”, “ThatsNotMyName”, and “Ok, I like it #Picasso" are top trends that got the most TikTokers participating and sharing their own variations. Another useful aspect of this report is the section where it sheds some light on the most popular products that people found out about through the platform. The Food Chopper ended up winning out in this section, although cosmetic products like the Mac Stack Mascara and the Glossier You perfume ended up performing extremely well too.

Marketing on TikTok is fast becoming a necessity for brands and advertisers. Considering that targeting these trends can provide superior results for ad campaigns, it’s definitely worth checking out TikTok’s full ‘2022 Year on TikTok’ overview to gain deeper insights into how the platform works, what resonates with your target audience and what you should be doing to align with key trends.

👉 Full ‘2022 Year on TikTok’ can be found via this link.

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