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TikTok Explores AI-Powered Chatbot 'Tako' to Enhance Content Discovery

TikTok is venturing into the realm of AI with the introduction of 'Tako,' an AI chatbot being tested among users in the Philippines. Designed to facilitate content discovery, Tako aims to provide relevant recommendations and answer user queries within the app, similar to Snapchat's 'My AI' generative AI tool.

The Cautious Rollout

Having learned from the challenges faced by similar AI tools in the past, TikTok is proceeding cautiously with limited testing of Tako.

The company acknowledges that Tako is powered by a third-party chat assistant and primarily aims to assist users in discovering entertaining and inspiring TikTok content. While no concrete plans for expansion beyond these initial tests have been announced, TikTok eagerly awaits user feedback.

Exploring Content Matches and Trends

Tako's primary purpose is to guide users toward relevant TikTok content that matches their queries. In addition to helping users find videos aligned with their interests, Tako may also provide direct answers to specific questions and offer insights into popular content trends. However, striking a balance is crucial, considering TikTok's occasional challenges with harmful or dangerous content.

As a precautionary measure, Tako will not be made available to younger users, and TikTok has included a warning screen within the app.

Safety and Future Developments

With Tako's potential to provide more direct answers and responses, TikTok is being cautious about a wider release until it can address safety concerns adequately.

As the platform continues to prioritise user safety, it aims to ensure any potential risks associated with AI-driven features are minimised. While Tako's full launch may be on hold for now, it presents an intriguing addition to TikTok's repertoire, aligning with the ongoing trend of generative AI.

Overall, TikTok's exploration of AI-powered chatbot Tako demonstrates the platform's commitment to enhancing the content discovery experience for its users. By leveraging Tako's capabilities, TikTok aims to provide tailored recommendations and engage users through relevant video content. As the company progresses with testing and gathers valuable user feedback, it will continue refining Tako's functionality to strike the right balance between user engagement and safety.

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