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TikTok introduces Interactive Add-Ons for In-Feed Ads to entice engaged viewers

TikTok is revolutionizing brand-consumer interaction with its latest feature: Interactive Add-Ons for promotions. These add-ons, including stickers, pop-ups, and visual markers, provide exciting opportunities for users to engage with ads and take immediate action.

According to TikTok, they had tested the effectiveness of these Interactive Add-Ons in a recent trial and the results were remarkable. By utilizing these new features, brands witnessed higher user engagement and direct response rates. This translates to increased brand awareness, resonance, and potentially higher conversion rates.


TikTok's Interactive Add-Ons offer a unique way to captivate viewers, enabling brands to trigger direct responses. By using pop-ups, stickers, and other visual elements, you can entice and engage your audience effectively. TikTok states that viewers who have shared, liked, or commented on a brand video are 150% more likely to make a purchase.

While it's important to note that individual experiences may vary, incorporating Interactive Add-Ons into your advertising strategy can add tremendous value. These add-ons are available in two forms: Standard and Premium. Standard add-ons are ideal for driving clicks and conversions, while Premium add-ons focus on brand awareness and community building. Both options present a unique chance to capture viewers' attention in a format that resonates with them.

TikTok's Interactive Add-Ons have the potential to transform your advertising activity. By harnessing the power of these features, you can drive user engagement, increase brand visibility, and guide users further down the sales funnel.


Some notable features include Display Cards, Gift Code Stickers, Voting Stickers, and Countdown Stickers. These elements enhance your TikTok ads and encourage active engagement from your target audience.


As the effectiveness of these add-ons may vary based on individual strategies and factors unique to each brand, it is recommended to experiment, analyze, and adapt to achieve optimal results. Experience the interactive possibilities these updates can offer and let’s see how they can benefit your advertising activity on TikTok!

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