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TikTok launches ‘Video Insights’ to help creator dig into ad performance 📊

TikTok is looking to help creators get a better understanding of their video performance, and the specific elements that work in each clip, with a new Video Insights analytics element, now available within the Reporting section of TikTok Ads Manager.

As explained by TikTok, creators may encounter some situations where they don’t know which elements are impacting performance, which version of ad creatives are more effective or how their video metrics have evolved over time. With the launch of Video Insights, which is now globally available within the Reporting toolbar of TikTok Ads Manager, the platform has opened the door for brands to curate more creative and resonating content.

Within the Reporting section of Ads Manager, you can tap though to explore broader performance trends in your video library and compare against industry benchmarks for each metric. Click any video to open up deeper insights, including frame-by-frame engagement, ad spending over time, audience breakdown, and even comment analysis by sentiment and theme.

This new report will provide more guidance on potential angles for creators to plan ahead future campaigns by utilising comparison analysis coordinate graphs, where they can pick out the videos with high CTR and low cost, which helps identify high-potential videos that could be more successful with the right adjustments.

You can also dig deeper into specific aspects that made up your most successful videos. The video analysis drawer offers five dimensions for you to tap into the insights of an individual video: key frames, audience, Instant Page, Interactive Add-on and comments. By analysing the performance of each, you can start to formulate a more effective strategy, based on what works with your target audience.

From a marketing perspective, it’s an interesting addition to fuel your ad creative. Take a look at some tips and tricks from TikTok that help curate fresh and creative content here.

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