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TikTok tests new generative AI profile images as it moves to align with the AI trend 🚀

ITikTok, the popular short-form video app, is testing a new generative AI tool that enables users to create their own custom AI-generated profile images.

The tool requires users to upload between 3 and 10 photos of themselves, which the system uses to generate a range of variations and styles of avatar image. The process walks users through how to upload their selfie images, including notes on how TikTok will use and delete any pictures that they send. The new feature could be part of a larger subscription offering, similar to Snapchat+.

With the increasing popularity of generative AI tools, every social media platform is looking for ways to incorporate such tools into their features. TikTok has already integrated generative AI elements into its Effects House tools, and parent company ByteDance is experimenting with text-to-video translations with its ‘MagicVideo’ project.

TikTok's move towards incorporating generative AI elements is expected to be a popular feature among users, as various apps have emerged in recent months that provide custom profile images. This is an easy market segment for TikTok to capitalise on and could also enable it to kick off its own AI ambitions and processes within the app.

TikTok's generative avatar process is currently being tested, and there is no word yet on its release date.

With the rise of generative AI tools, we believe it's essential to explore how these features can benefit your social media strategies and campaigns. TikTok's upcoming AI tools provide exciting possibilities for marketers and creators alike, and we can't wait to see what's in store.

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