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We are here for Instagram’s new matchmaking feature👀

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Hooray! We thought the day might never come, but this week Instagram has finally started testing its new ‘Creator Marketplace’ Influencer Discovery Platform.

The new feature is a dedicated space where creators can be discovered, connect with brands, and be paid on the platform. 

Through the new tool, brands will be able to manage the full campaign process, in partnership with their chosen creators, including details like deliverables and payment, along with any other information, all without having to leave the app.

The Creator Marketplace includes four new tools to help streamline branded partnerships on the Creator Marketplace, including:

  1. Discovery: this function helps brands to quickly discover creators that match their brand ethos whilst creators can select the interests and topics that align with their work and resonate with their audience. 

  2. Partnership Messaging: DMs can be an overwhelming place for creators and often brand partnership requests get lost amongst the mass of messages. This new feature means new messages from brands will go into a separate folder at the top of your primary messages tab. 

  3. Projects: Brands are able to send a 'project' to creators which will include the full scope of work and vital details like deliverables and rates.

  4. Payments: Creators will be able to get paid directly on the app and keep track of all payments in the 'tools' section of the professional dashboard. 

This new hub will be hugely valuable and will make it easier than ever for brands and creators to work together on Instagram, however, the tool is not widely available at present and is only currently being tested on an invite-only basis with brands in the US.

We are excited to see this new feature roll out and try it out for ourselves. We'll keep you updated as soon as we know more👀

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