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Win on Pinterest this festive season📍

🤳 TikTok’s BeReal clone, 'TikTok Now', is now available outside the US

💰 YouTube will now share revenue with its YouTube Shorts creators 🛍️ Meta launches new ‘Collaborative Ads’ to facilitate more direct sales activity

With less than 100 days until Christmas(!), ‘tis the season for people to start festive planning 🎄

Not only is Pinterest planners' go-to platform (whether it's for gifting inspiration, delicious Christmas recipes and everything in between), it's also a platform that’s primed for advertisers and marketers. Unlike on other platforms, there are users in each phase of their purchasing journey - preparing to plan, shop or buy - which offers increased opportunity for brands to be visible to their audience at each stage.

After two years of cancelled events and quieter Christmases, when it comes to the Christmas this year, Pinners are planning to go 'all in' to make this festive season one to remember, for all the right reasons - even more opportunity to reach this audience and boost your festive sales!

We’ve put together some key insights from Pinterest and highlighted some of the key opportunities to help you up your game this festive season👇

📍 More moments mean more ways to win

Insights show, adding more seasonal moments to your festive season ad mix pays off. Don’t save all your ad spend for December. Those big festive moments in December do still matter, but you’re better off allocating your festive season campaigns and budget throughout a longer, more varied season. Take advantage of the smaller micro-moments throughout the season and the bigger, more traditional moments for maximum payoff.

📍 Early adds up

In the UK, people on Pinterest start planning, shopping and buying early. Festive gifters on Pinterest are +30% more likely to say they start shopping in October or earlier. Advertisers who reach audiences early see better results. Brands on Pinterest see 5x more conversions when people are exposed to their ads earlier in the season, compared to brands who wait to advertise until later on. To maximise your festive season opportunity, you need to start promoting your festive ideas and products months before the actual moments hit.

📍 Get inspiration flowing and make gifting easier for your audience People on Pinterest are super gifters 🎁 - 90% of people on Pinterest use it for gift-giving ideas. Pinterest internal search data found that of the top 1,000 gifting searches on Pinterest, 97% are not item or product-specific, demonstrating that users come to Pinterest open to new influences and ideas. But they do have targeted recipients in mind—so they search for gifts using keywords such as relationship (mother, brother, etc.) or the recipient’s interests. This gives brands an opportunity to get in front of shoppers at the inspiration stage of the retail journey when they’re undecided and are open-minded to new suggestions.

Infuse relationship and interest specifics into your creative assets to meet your audience where they are. You can also take advantage of Pinterest's host of shopping features to meet the audience at different stages of their shopping journey and move Pinners from inspiration to action.

If you are looking for more insights, check out Pinterest’s festive webinar here.

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