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How to make videos that will thrive on Facebook🔥

📲 Instagram is developing a new media kit option to help Creators showcase their value to brands

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Meta has really leaned into video this year across its apps and video has now become Meta’s most engaging content format, occupying 50% of the time that people spend on Facebook and with Reels occupying more than 20% of the total time that people spend on Instagram!

Creating videos for your brand or business can be one of the best ways to increase reach organically, and get more followers and engagement - but what is the secret to creating a successful video or Reel that will fly?

Meta has shared four top signals its algorithm uses to determine which videos receive wide distribution on Facebook - take a look below:

1. Originality

Firstly, Meta prioritises videos created by the account that is publishing them. Meta explains, "To reward creators and publishers that do the hard work of crafting and promoting authentic, valuable content, we prioritise video content that has strong signals of originality."

Meta stresses that people should avoid publishing content they didn’t play a significant role in creating and posting content that already exists on Facebook. It's worth noting that reposting content that you made yourself, however, is fine.

2. Capture and Retain Attention

Videos that capture the audience's attention and keep them hooked to the end are likely to see increased distribution.

To maximise your video reach, you need to create engaging videos that keep people watching, which requires focus on your content production and structure. Meta recommends planning videos around a storyline, building them for on-the-go mobile viewing, and investing in good production quality to increase audience retention for videos.

3. Loyalty and Intent

When people regularly come back to view a Page's videos, Meta takes it as a strong, positive signal for distribution. The loyalty signal is even stronger when Facebook users search for a creator’s videos or visit the creator’s profile to watch their content.

To encourage loyalty, Meta recommends optimising your content for Facebook search. This includes writing clear titles and descriptions for your posts, including a few relevant tags and publishing bonus content between posting videos to stay connected.

4. Engagement

The final signal that Facebook uses to prioritise video content is engagement (shares, likes, comments). Content that generates interactions and conversations person-to-person, such as sharing a video with a friend, will be prioritised by Facebook.

You can prompt engagement by asking your audience questions, or leaning into the latest topics of discussion within your industry or niche, which others may also weigh in on.

Some valuable insights here from Meta on their evolving approach to video distribution which should help give some pointers on creating successful video content for Facebook. You can read the full video distribution overview here.

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