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Put a tag on it 🏷️

☑️ Facebook is testing subscriber-only posts

⏳ Instagram Stories under 60 seconds are no longer broken up into clips ✍️ TikTok announces a huge increase in the length of video descriptions

The festive shopping push is already shifting into gear and if Instagram is part of your social media marketing strategy, now is the time to maximise your opportunities on the platform by making your shopping experience seamless for your customers, helping them discover and purchase your brand's products with ease. 

Don't sleep on the power of product tags on Instagram. Product tagging drives sales! Instagram reported that businesses that tag products in 2 or more posts per day received on avg. a 117% lift in transactions.

If you have a business account, have uploaded products to your catalog and enabled Instagram Shopping, you can tag the products that are featured in your content so that customers can shop in the moment of discovery, driving your audience from tag to transaction.  

Here are some best practices for tagging and maximising your sales on Instagram this festive season from Instagram's new shopping guide:

1. Tag frequently across all available formats to make any moment shoppable!

Experiment with the number of tagged products in every post and make sure that your shoppable items are clearly visible. It's important to reach people across all different formats like shoppable Reels, Stories and more. All tagged content appears in the top carousel of your product detail pages,  so the more images and videos that you tag, the richer the shopping experience!

2. Save shoppable content

Remember to turn your tagged Stories into a highlight so that users can shop products on your profile after your story expires. Alternatively, turn on auto-highlight in Stories so that your tagged content lives on in product detail pages after the story expires.

3. Reach even more shoppers using ads with product tags

You can add scale by turning your best-performing shoppable posts into ads via the Boost functionality within the Instagram app, or in Ads Manager.  

Some key pointers and considerations that are easy to implement and could help to boost your sales on Instagram this festive season. You can download Instagram’s new guide here for more tips and insights. 

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