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Tap into your creativity with Pinterest📍

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📍 Pinterest launches new board sticker to help drive more pin traffic 📈 Meta expands automated ad optimisation options via 'Meta Advantage' Programme

Pinterest is inspiring users to tap into their own creativity with the launch of their new app, Shuffles.

Whilst other platforms look at introducing features to jump on the rise of video content, Shuffle's main focus is on putting together collages using photos, image cutouts and other animated effects.

With the new app, users can build their own collages using Pinterest’s photo library or snap photos of objects they want to include using the camera. They can also cut out individual objects from within an image using a simple tap.

Images in Shuffles can then be rotated, layered and resized on the screen to create the collage, and animations and effects can optionally be added.

The final project can be shared for collaboration or posted to public groups where others can “remix” the original creation in their own way.

The app will be a great addition to help Pinners and Creators bring their ideas to life and could be used to visualise room makeovers, fashion ideas, moodboards and much more.

This app could definitely be a game-changer for the platform. At the moment it is currently in its initial test phase, so we'll keep you updated when we know more about the rollout 👀

Feeling the impacts of Apple’s data privacy update?

TikTok has partnered with marketing analytics platform Adjust to create a new guide on how to approach your TikTok ad tracking and analytics with Apple’s new tracking parameters in mind.

There are some useful tips and recommendations to help you boost your performance. Download the guide here.

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