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TikTok is launching a premium ad feature called ‘Pulse Premiere’

Pulse Premiere is an extension of the existing Pulse ads, which enables advertisers to place ads alongside top-performing TikTok clips based on views and engagement. This update offers advertisers more control over ad placement within the Pulse program, allowing them to place their ads adjacent to content from TikTok's premium publishing partners across various categories such as lifestyle, education, sports, and entertainment.

According to TikTok, the new feature will be launched with Buzzfeed, Conde Nast, DotDash Meredith, Hearst Magazines, MLS, NBCUniversal, UFC, Vox Media, and WWE as the initial brand partners.

Pulse Premiere provides a topical placement element, which is not limited to the top 4% of performers, but includes specific verticals to provide more value to brand partners. This could be a valuable option for major launches, and it'll be interesting to see if the expansion provides more monetization opportunities for creators.

The expansion of TikTok Pulse also includes two new elements 👇

1️⃣ Pulse Seasonal Lineups: TikTok's first-ever moment-specific ad offering, where advertisers can run ads alongside the hottest, trending Pulse-eligible videos around a particular marketing moment, cultural event, or season. The company will first test Seasonal Lineups with Thanksgiving and winter holidays, and is excited to expand this to other cultural events and seasons to help brands tap into audiences that are primed for viewership.

2️⃣ Max Pulse: A new buying mechanism that allows advertisers to run their creatives adjacent to top 4% trending content across all categories on TikTok, in addition to those represented by the existing Pulse lineups, helping advertisers maximise their brand's reach and unlock the full potential of their campaign.

While Pulse Premiere is a high-end ad option that comes with a price tag, it could be a good consideration for major launches that are relevant to the TikTok audience, such as movie releases and sporting events. However, there could be other ways to use the Pulse program to amplify major updates and announcements.

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